Scallops, or Vieira , as we call it in portuguese, is the common name for several bivalves of the Pectinidae family. They are also known as Coquille de Saint-Jacques. Out of 16 species that naturally occur in brazilian soil, two have commercial value.

The Nodipecten nodosus its the only one know in the national market, because it the science and technology for its production has already been developed, and the species is native from the area. The commercial size is about  8,0 cm of shell, reached after 18 months.

Here, they are growth in long line systems, half water 7 to 14 meters deep.


In portuguese, the common name for Rachycentron canadum is bijupirá. Its an name of native origin, in which "biju" means tasty and "pirá" means fish.

Cobia is commonly found in all tropical seas, usually in pelagic waters. In Brazil, it can be found from south to north. 


The farming  here happens in open net tanks, in near-shore systems. They are feed mostly with by catch from the local fisheries, as a way to reduce its impact in the environment. Due to its carnivore nature, cobia grows astonishingly fast, reaching 3 kg in one year. Its meat is white, of smooth taste and very rich in omega acids.

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